George FM names the remixed version of the Beatles' 'Come Together' as their biggest banger of 2020

News 02/03/2020

George FM has recently hosted the Top 500 Biggest Bangers countdown, and the Beatles has made it to the top!

A drum and bass (D&B) remix by Urbandawn of the band's iconic 1969 song, 'Come Together' was voted the biggest banger of them all. There's a conversational topic right there to connect you and your D&B loving kids. Heck, you can even sing it together!

We won't encourage you to listen to the drum and bass version of the song, but if you're curious, you can listen to it below:

If that was painful to your ears after the 1:12 minute mark, you can sooth your ears by listening to the original remastered track below.

Either way, we're stoked to hear young people still listening to the Beatles and singing along to their lyrics. After 51 years since the band released the song as part of 'Abbey Road', we're happy to know that the band still has a significant musical impact on kids today.

When the D&B station shared the news on Facebook, a fan commented, "I can only imagine what it must have been like to be alive when the original came out! Much better than this I imagine..."

Damn right, the original's much better.