Roger Daltrey celebrates his birthday by smashing a cake into Sebastian Bach's face

funny 04/03/2020

Roger Daltrey recently celebrated his 76th birthday over the weekend, and he took his birthday cake and smashed it into ex-Skid Row singer, Sebastian Bach's face.

The funny incident occurred on the Rock Legends Cruise VIII where nice guy Bach presented a cake to Daltrey... only to receive a shock of his life shortly.

"Cakes and the Who are very dangerous," warned Daltrey.

Bach ignored it and led the crowd to sing "Happy Birthday". Just midway through the second line, Daltrey planted the cake right into Bach's face, and the crowd burst into laughter.

"I'm so glad I took a shower," Bach said. "If you weren't Roger Daltrey, this would be a different situation. Do we love this man or what? Let's wish him a happy birthday." When he saw the mess on the floor, Bach quickly added, "Oh, my god, what a disaster. I didn't do it. It wasn't me!"

"I did try and warn him," Daltrey defended. "Yes, the Who and cakes, or anything to do with the Who and cakes, do not mix. It's a good job Keith [Moon] isn't here as well, because we'd all be covered in cake"

He then thanked Bach for his kind gesture and for being such a good sport. Daltrey then continued with his set while Bach left the stage to clean himself up.

Watch the whole incident in the clip below.