The Knack guitarists changes 'My Sharona' to 'Bye, Corona'

live 27/03/2020

The Knack guitarist, Bert Averre has presented a new version of their hit song, 'My Sharona' to suit the ongoing global crisis.

Titled 'Bye, Corona', the guitarist admitted that he and his fellow bandmate, Prescott Niles, were a little late to the party with the newly revamped song.

Many others have already done parodies on the song. Averre said, "Some people have asked whether we were going to get around to doing our own Sharona/Corona parody song – because apparently there aren't enough of them," He continued, "Sadly, our lead singer is no longer with us; and trust me, you don't want to hear me croak it out. So I was thinking … a nice safe thing to do is show you our dogs."

Claiming that the dogs have rejected his idea of making a hand-washing video, the dogs then "suggested" an instructional video on how to play the guitar solo in the 1979 hit song.

Just before the final chorus, you can also see Averre doing a quick clean on his guitar frets. The screen then splits into two, showing Niles joining in for the final chorus while a message of solidarity during the coronavirus pandemic.

Watch the full video below: