WATCH: 100 musicians play AC/DC's ‘T.N.T’ on a tropical island

live 20/03/2020

Over 100 musicians joined forces on the Indian Ocean island of Reunion to celebrate rock'n'roll music and its power to cross borders and bring nations together.  

Under the title of ‘Rock Reunion’, 70 guitarists and bassists, 18 singers and 15 drummers assembled at the Ti Roule beach bar in Saint-Leu, a well-known surf spot on the west coast of the island, to perform AC/DC's classic ‘T.N.T.’

"The setting is out of the ordinary. You have the artists playing with their backs to the Indian Ocean, which gives you a breathtaking view of the artists and the sunset in the background,” said the owners of the bar. 

"Maybe this is a small Island down in the Indian Ocean, but we rock!" read the Facebook page for the event. 

"On Feb 23 2020 a hundred of us sent this message to the rest of the world. And by the way, we would be happy to be in contact with other countries who do the same,”

“May Rock be with you all , from any country, from any planet!”

Check the rockers out in action below: