Fans left hysterical watching Stones drummer Charlie Watts air-drumming during their network TV performance

funny 21/04/2020

The Rolling Stones came together to perform a virtual performance of You Can't Always Get What You Want during Global Citizen's One World: Together At Home coronavirus concert.

The performance was aired in both US and the UK where fans were highly amused by drummer Charlie Watts who was seen air drumming during their performance.

Joining bandmates Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and Ronnie Wood, Watts decided to substitute his drums for a couple of boxes and invisible cymbals while performing in his home studio.

Watch the performance below.

Fans pinpointed Charlie's performance as the highlight of the concert so far, saying "The Stones showing everyone how it's done. You might be cool but are you Charlie Watts smashing Air Drums at 78 cool? No, you're not."

Another wrote, "Charlie Watts playing air drums is the kind of positivity we all need right now. #TogetherAtHome"

Someone else said, "#charliewatts you had me in bits! What a dude! Who gives a crap that you're on telly with your air drums, he doesn't, he's having a great time! That was the thing I didn't know I needed. I feel inspired!"