WATCH: Sammy Hagar and Joe Elliott chats about being fired

News 14/04/2020

Sammy Hagar spoke to Joe Elliot about band members being fired in a preview clip from an upcoming episode titled Rock & Roll Road Trip with Sammy Hagar.

After the Def Leppard singer explained why his band didn't fire drummer Rick Allen after he suffered from a severed arm in a car crash, Hagar shared his experience of being let go by two bands. He didn't mention the band names, but it is most likely to be Van Halen and Montrose.

Watch the teaser video below.

Airing on 19th April via AXS TV, Elliot said in the episode, "When Rick lost his arm, they way we'd become even then… we were so tight that we were like, 'You don't kick your brother out your family if he has an accident. And so, if he can't do this, it's up to him to tell us.' And that gave him the confidence to give it a go.

Hagar responded saying, "It's so cool," Hagar responded. "It's so unheard of in rock. I mean, I've been thrown out of so many bands… you go all the way with these people to the top, sell gazillions [of] records, so all this stuff. Then all of a sudden they throw you out… for some ego trip or something." "Especially those two bands," Elliott interjected. Two of my favourites."

"I've been thrown out of two. But it's okay – I'm happy," Hagar said.