WATCH: Family recreates Journey's 'Separate Ways' music video in lockdown

parody 21/04/2020

With the world in lockdown due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, people are finding creative ways to keep themselves occupied.

The Heller family from Washington decided that to beat the boredom, they would recreate the music video for Journey's 1983 hit 'Separate Ways (World's Apart)'.

"Solitary confinement does strange things to the best of us and this quarantine was really having an effect," says Steven Heller. 

"My wife texted me and said, 'we need to remake a music video.' I thought that sounded like a lot of work, but her persistence paid off and here we are. Enjoy!"

Watch the video below.

Filmed on an iPhone, the video features Steven as Journey singer Steve Perry, while the rest of the family fill in the band positions. You can watch the video above. 

"Everyone keeps saying, 'Do another!' But it would be good to be that family that did something cool that one time, rather than following it up with something not-as-cool," Heller said.

"We made some great memories off of this experience, maybe that's good enough."