This proposed concert seating chart and rules might work for post-COVID-19

concerts 07/05/2020

Travis McCready's new band, Bishop Gunn, has just revealed how their upcoming concert could look like post-COVID-19.

McCready is due to play in Arkansas, U.S. on 15th May, just three days before their ban on live shows will be lifted. The 1,100-seat venue has decided to reduce its capacity by 80%, to 229 attendees. Tickets were sold in "fan pods", groups of 2-13 seats that have been placed six feet apart, and must be purchased together.

Other requirements include wearing face masks, and attendees must have their temperatures taken before they are allowed into TempleLive. Th evenue will also be sanitised before the show with fog sprayers and all walkways will be one-way only. Drinks will be sold pre-packaged or sold in containers with lids.

Ticketmaster's guidelines on their website.

Each bathroom will be limited to 10 people, with hands-free soap and paper towel dispensers. Some restroom fixtures will be closed to maintain social distancing guidelines. Employees will constantly wipe down all touch points in the restroom and the entire venue.

See the full guidelines on Ticketmaster's event.