"My days are numbered" Ian Anderson clarifies his statement

News 15/05/2020

Jethro Tull's Ian Anderson has released a statement today to clarify what he meant when he said his days were numbered after revealing he suffers from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

"I really meant, when talking to Dan Rather last September, that my days as a singer were numbered rather than days to live!" he wrote. "After all, I am 73 years old this August! But I should be okay for a few more years if COVID doesn't get me first."

Anderson also noted that "mild COPD or asthma are just things to live with for the millions around the world who suffer." He also explained that there is no impact to his daily life at all as long as he doesn't catch a cold or flu virus and suffer the subsequent heavy bronchitis. "For me, historically follows since I was a young man. But on the upside, I don't suffer from haemorrhoids or erectile dysfunction. So, things are looking up, not down. (Puns fully intended.) "

While thanking his fans for the concern and support, Anderson added that he had 14 months infection-free and bronchitis-free, marking 2019 the first year since his 20s when he didn't fall sick at all.

The conditions I have are early-stage, and I plan to keep them that way.