Jimmy Page’s partner, 30-year-old Scarlett Sabet, discusses the couple’s quiet home life

News 13/05/2020

In a recent interview, Jimmy Page's partner, poet Scarlett Sabet, talked about their quiet home life. She admitted she was aware of his "dark reputation" when they first met but soon discovered his true personality when they formed a relationship.

Scarlett is 46 years Page's junior at 30 years old, and the couple have been together since she was just 25. The pair have worked together and separately out of Page's London home, Tower House, for nearly six years. She describes the Led Zeppelin guitarist as a funny family man — very far from the personality presented in the media.

"Jimmy has this dark reputation, and certainly people play up the Casanova image. Obviously, Jimmy has lived, but now he doesn't drink either, so that's another thread that binds us. He's seen people who have died, he's lost best friends. He's seen all sides of that coin," Scarlett said.

"He really is my best friend and the person who makes me laugh the most. It's funny because on paper there is a massive difference. But when he's standing in front of me, it's not something I feel; it's not something that impedes us."

The couple lives a simple life according to Scarlett: "We don't entertain in the house. Jimmy's children come to stay, which is lovely. My siblings come too… Other than that, we like it to be just us. I feel so safe here; it's such an inspiring house."