Joe Walsh launches his very own radio show

Radio 25/05/2020

Eagles guitarist, Joe Walsh, has announced the launch of his very own radio show for a public radio station in Los Angeles.

Titled The Joe Walsh Old-Fashioned Rock' n' Roll Radio Showthe radio show was created for KCSN as a result of the ongoing pandemic that affected his band's tour schedule. His one-hour show will air every Saturday at 6 PM (1 pm on Mondays NZ time).

"This public radio station serves the community I live in and is funded by listeners," Walsh stated. "I like that men with ties don't decide what I listen to. My show will be a mixture of music I love, music I think people will want to hear and stories behind some of these songs that I'm pretty sure no one knows about."

"Hopefully, the show will generate some more listeners and support for the station, and we will have a lot of fun in the process."

KCSN noted that Walsh is a longtime listener and contributor to the station and is delighted to have his very own show on the station. "After the pandemic grounded Walsh and his Eagles bandmates from a planned summer tour, the self-proclaimed 'Analog Man' was also aware that the virus would make fundraising for the publicly funded station more difficult. He reached out to see how he could help, and offered to host a one-hour show while he was home bound."

Walsh will have "free reign" on the programming duties during his show where he will share stories and anecdotes in between his playlist for an "engaging 60 minutes". "Being entertainment royalty and one of the many local fixtures of the SoCal/Hollywood community, we anticipate Joe's Rolodex of potential guests runs deep, so we feel great about giving him the keys to the car! It's flattering to have rock legends listening and financially supporting the station."