LISTEN: This AC/DC song was written by an A.I.

News 19/05/2020

The internet is filled with talented people... like this YouTuber, Funk Turkey, who programmed a bot to create a new AC/DC track.

Titled 'Great Balls', the song was assembled after Funk Turkey put all the AC/DC lyrics through a Markov chain. The modeling software is commonly used for complex analysis like predicting thermodynamic states, DNA evolution, stock market trends and more. Apparently, it can also write new songs!

Funk Turkey explained the process where he put AC/DC lyrics into a bot and asked it to write a song. He also noted how hard it is to sing like Brian Johnson.

Listen to the AI song below.

The artificial intelligence (AI) system would examine how often certain words and phrases were used in the band's music catalogue. It then uses the top used words/phrases to create a new song while trying to correspond to AC/DC's distinctive musical style. The song also mentions characters like Poker Face, a French maid, a foreign chef and the Queen.

"Wasn't the dog a touch too young to thrill?" goes one line, with the chorus then chiming in: "She got great balls and big balls / Too many women with the balls / Seems like a bone given' the balls / A whole lotta woman 'cuz I'm a ball."

On the comments section of the video, one fan noted that the AI understood western culture better than he/she did.

Many were confused over the lyrics, one viewer pointed out the lyrics, "Wasn't the dog a touch too young to thrill?"

"It's totally nonsense but... Also kind of a banger? So basically AC/DC," Ted McGinness commented.

Previously, Funk Turkey had posted an AI Nickelback song titled 'Nobody Died Every Single Day'. Listen below.