Neil Young announces new archival album 'Road of Plenty'

New 08/05/2020

Neil Young has revealed that he is working on a new archival album based around mid-late '80s material.

The album, Road of Plenty, will feature music made with his band, Crazy Horse, when they were on a 1986 US tour. 1989 recorded tracks with the same band will also be included on the album.

The title track was a working title and early version of the song, Eldorado, taken from his 1989 LP Freedom. On his website, Young recalled he first "tried out" the song during a private reunion with his '60s band, Buffalo Springfield.

"It was my fault that we didn't get together at the time and have a reunion, tour and album," Young reflected. He explained that he and Crazy Horse had a "monster take" of the same song and recorded it at a show in Minneapolis in October 1986.

A release date has yet to be announced. Just months prior, Young has announced the release of his 'lost' Homegrown LP, out on 19th June.