New ZZ Top album to feature a song they started 50 years ago

News 22/06/2020

Billy Gibbons has shared the news that ZZ Top are beginning to work on their 16th album that may feature a song that they have been trying to complete since the band formed five decades ago.

The album is set to be produced by Rick Rubin and may include an appearance from their good old friend, Jeff Beck.

"We're getting ready to go back in the studio," Gibbons said during a book signing interview. "After five decades of attempting to record and complete a song that we started when the band first got together, maybe this go-around we'll have some success."

Gibbons also said that Beck, "a great guy", would be in the recording studios with the band. "I had a chance to see him last summer while we were over in London, and we've been in touch ever since."

Watch the full interview below: