LISTEN: New song 'David Byrne's Badside' released

New 11/06/2020

A Liverpool band called Courting has shared a new song titled 'David Byrne's Badside'.

Courting frontman Sean explained that the song had nothing to do with the Talking Heads lead singer. "It's about class tourism and the casual racism that exists in Britain today. It's a portrait of the type of person who votes UKIP and wants to close our borders yet promises they're not a racist. The type of person who says to buy British yet owns a Porsche," he explaineed. "At the same time, we're referencing and poking fun at more lighthearted aspects of British culture, like the collective rage when somebody takes the low offer on The Chase, and Twitter spats about Blur and Oasis. We also really just wanted an excuse to have a saxophone solo."

Check out their song below: