Joan Jett explains why the Runaways rejected 'I Love Rock n' Roll'

News 27/06/2020

In the interview with SiriusXM, Joan Jett said that the Runaways had rejected to record I Love Rock n' Roll.

"I didn't offer I Love Rock N' Roll to [John] Alcock [who produced the final Runaways album, 1978's 'And Now... The Runaways']."

"I had it as an idea; The Runaways rejected it - early - you know, in '77, that was pre-Alcock," she explained.

"That was my baby, I was saving that for whatever, but it wasn't for John Alcock and The Runaways' last album."

Watch the interview below.

The interviewer asked, "Was that a pivot point for you, that song? When you first heard it, you were with The Runaways; were you, like, 'Yeah, this is winding down. I'm gonna hold it for later.'?"

"No, it wasn't that; it was a completely rational reason why we didn't do it. And I would have agreed, I totally kind of agreed with the girls.

"When I found the song, our first album [1976's self-titled] had just come out and we covered Lou Reed's Rock N' Roll. So I didn't want to just turn right around and do another song with 'rock 'n' roll' in the title."

She explained that it was geeky and there was "too much rock" in the song. "They didn't wanna do it, and I said, 'I see what you mean, I'm just gonna hang on to it.'"