LISTEN: The Rolling Stones' 'Scarlet' featuring Jimmy Page

New 23/07/2020

The Rolling Stones has released the unreleased 'Scarlet' track from their upcoming 'Goats Head Soup' box set.

Recorded with Led Zeppelin guitarist, Jimmy Page, frontman Mick Jagger explained that he described their first jam session at Ronnie Wood's basement studio together went "great". Listen to the thought process behind the song in the video above.

"My recollection is we walked in at the end of a Zeppelin session," Richards added. "They were just leaving, and we were booked in next and I believe that Jimmy decided to stay. We weren't actually cutting it as a track, it was basically for a demo, a demonstration, you know, just to get the feel of it, but it came out well, with a line up like that, you know, we better use it."

Listen to 'Scarlet' below.

Named after Page's daughter, the song stems from the Stones' recording sessions in 1974, almost more than a year after the release of 'Goats Head Soup'. The session in London's Island Studios consisted of Jagger, Page, Keith Richards and the "Sixth" Stone, Ian Stewart on piano. Traffic bassist Ric Grech, Joe Cocker and drummer Bruce Rowland were also there.

"Keith kicked it off and I began to mold a riff around his guitar part to augment the arrangement," Page recalled in a series of tweets posted immediately after the song's release. "It began to lock-in pretty soon with the musicians, and we all got a successful take that evening."