'And in the End: Last Days of the Beatles' book hits store shelves this 18th Aug

Book 05/08/2020

And in-depth look at The Beatles' final years as a band is the subject of a new book by a lifelong fan, author Ken McNab.

Titled And in the End: Last Days of the Beatles, the book is due to be released this 18th Aug, featuring the perspectives from all four Beatle members.

Written chronologically by month, the book reconstructs the events in 1969 when The Beatles reached "new highs of creativity and new lows of their internal strife. In the midst of this rancour, however, emerged the glorious disharmony of Let It Be and the ragged genius of Abbey Road."

The book featured interviews from over 30 people who provided eyewitness accounts from events in 1969, including a cameraman who worked on the Let it Be film, a photographer, art director John Kosh and many others.

The book kicks off with the band's legendary gig on the roof of their Apple Corps offices in London, weaving through the fractious relationship the band had with their business manager, Allen Klein, Sir Macca's wedding with Linda Eastman, John Lennon and Yoko Ono's bed-in for peace and the stunning sale of the song catalogue from Lennon and McCartney. The book also includes the Abbey Road recording sessions and the iconic album cover shoot for the same album.

An excerpt from the book, Kosh said, "The chairman of EMI phoned me at 3 a.m. [and] said I would cost them thousands of sales. I went into Apple the next day scared stiff and the first person I saw was George Harrison and I told him about the phone call. He just said, 'F--- it, man, we're The Beatles'."