Eric Clapton and Pedrito Martinez covers 'My Father's Eyes'

News 24/08/2020

Eric Clapton has joined Cuban-borned percussionist, Pedrito Martinez on a reimagined duet rendition of the classic 1998 track, 'My Father's Eyes'.

Listen to the song below.

The idea came about early last year when the Martinez was putting together an updated recording of Clapton's deeply personal song and shared it with him.

Upon receiving the initial recording, Clapton invited the innovative musician to London last year to work on the song together, adding his own vocals and guitar to the track.

The song was first released on Clapton's 1998 album, Pilgrim, his 13th solo studio album. It was inspired by Clapton's real life where he had never met his father, Edward Fryer. It also made references to his son's unfortunate death. The song went on ot earn a Grammy Award for Best Pop Male Vocal Performance.

You can download the song here.

Check out this behind-the-scenes clip of the recording session below.