Exclusive clip of Janis Joplin performing at Woodstock released

music news 04/08/2020

An exclusive clip has been shared of Janis Joplin performing at the Woodstock Festival. As a result of Covid-19 in person, concerts have halted, and the streaming of shows has increased as you would expect.

American based company Qello has started to release different historic concerts which you can watch from the comfort of your home. Some of the free to stream concerts they have available are Coldplay live at Cigale in 2012, Beck at Les Eurockeennes Festival in 2016, Toto at Vina del Mar in 2004, Jack Johnson at Main Square 2014 and INXS at Vina del Mar in 2003.

But one of our favourites is the above clip of Janis Joplin, watch it now!