Murray Burns (L), Don Martin (R) Photo by Cherie Abdy

Mi-Sex bassist Don Martin passed away following a long battle against cancer

News 11/08/2020

Don Martin of Mi-Sex has passed away after fighting against cancer for several years.

The news was shared by keyboardist Murray Burns via the band's Facebook page.

"This morning at 3:30 I lost one of the most important, most influential and, most of all, one of the dearest friends in my life," he wrote. "Don Martin has bravely fought cancer for several years now. During these years, since we began our journey making music, we have had some of the most exciting and fun-filled moments as members of Mi-Sex".

Mi-Sex in 1979

According to the post, Don and his family had put on a living wake in January this year. "It is so very special and brave to be present to speak at one's own wake. Of course, Don always has had a different, humorous, and often unique slant on life."

Burns continued, "On that night, Steve Balbi, Travis New, James Van Cooper, Jordan McDonald, Tahya, (Don's granddaughter), and I joined Don on stage, to play his final show at his and Adele's stunning property, in the lee of the massive cliffs on the NSW/Queensland border."

He also noted that those who were fortunate enough to have met Martin or have been part of his life would know "just what a special man he was".

Don was a strong man, yet a caring and angelic soul, who always invited a warm embrace. 

Just days ago before he departed from life, Burns said they were laughing, reminiscing and simply enjoying each other in solitude.

"Don was present until the very end, looking out from his beautiful home, at total peace in leaving this world. I'm blessed to have had you in my life Don, and I love you always…" Burns concluded.