The Doors announce 50th anniversary 'Morrison Hotel' collection

News 21/08/2020

To celebrate 50 years of their 1970 album, The Doors will be releasing an extensive reissue for 'Morrison Hotel'.

Morrison Hotel: 50th Anniversary Deluxe Edition includes a vinyl copy of the original album plus a newly remastered version on CD, along with a second CD with a collection of studio outtakes.

Morrison Hotel 50th Anniversary Deluxe Edition

Some previously unreleased tracks include various renditions of 'Roadhouse Blues', 'Queen of the Highway' and an R&B cover of 'Money (That's What I Want)'.

"There are many takes, different arrangements, false starts and insightful studio conversations between the band, who were in the studio, and producer Paul Rothchild, who was in the control room," engineer Bruce Botnick said, who was charged with assembling the previously unheard material. "It's like being a fly on the wall."

Listen to one of the alternative takes of 'Peace Frog' and 'Blue Sunday' below.

Due to hit the stores this 9th October, the music will also be released digitally and on streaming services on the same day.

The band will also be releasing a new line of official merchandise ranging from hoodies to sweats, socks, T-shirt, jean jacket and a Morrison Hotel key chain - available via their website. You can also pre-order the collection here.

You can see the tracklist below.

Morrison Hotel jean jacket

The Doors, 'Morrison Hotel: 50th Anniversary Deluxe Edition' Tracklist

Disc One: The Original Album

  1. Roadhouse Blues
  2. Waiting For The Sun
  3. You Make Me Real
  4. Peace Frog
  5. Blue Sunday
  6. Ship Of Fools
  7. Land Ho!
  8. The Spy
  9. Queen Of The Highway
  10. Indian Summer
  11. Maggie M'Gill

Disc Two: Mysterious Union

  1. Queen Of The Highway (Take 1, She Was A Princess)
  2. Queen Of The Highway (Various Takes)
  3. Queen Of The Highway (Take 44, He Was A Monster)
  4. Queen Of The Highway (Take 12, No One Could Save Her)
  5. Queen Of The Highway (Take 14, Save The Blind Tiger)
  6. Queen Of The Highway (Take 1, American Boy – American Girl)
  7. Queen Of The Highway (Takes 5, 6 & 9, Dancing Through The Midnight Whirlpool)
  8. Queen Of The Highway (Take 14, Start It All Over)
  9. I Will Never Be Untrue
  10. Queen Of The Highway (Take Unknown)
  11. Roadhouse Blues (Take 14, Keep Your Eyes On The Road)
  12. Money (That's What I Want)
  13. Rock Me Baby
  14. Roadhouse Blues (Takes 6 & 7, Your Hands Upon The Wheel)
  15. Roadhouse Blues (Take 8, We're Goin' To The Roadhouse)
  16. Roadhouse Blues (Takes 1 & 2, We're Gonna Have A Real Good Time)
  17. Roadhouse Blues (Takes 5, 6 & 14, Let It Roll Baby Roll)
  18. Peace Frog/Blue Sunday (Take 4)
  19. Peace Frog (Take 12) *

LP Track Listing

Side One: Hard Rock Cafe

  1. Roadhouse Blues
  2. Waiting For The Sun
  3. You Make Me Real
  4. Peace Frog
  5. Blue Sunday
  6. Ship Of Fools

Side Two: Morrison Hotel

  1. Land Ho!
  2. The Spy
  3. Queen Of The Highway
  4. Indian Summer
  5. Maggie M'Gill