WATCH: Steve Lukather of Toto battles leaf blowers with his guitar in the morning

funny 13/08/2020

Imagine you were sleeping soundly and it's reaching 7am... and then you get a rude awakening from your neighbour using a leaf blower.

Steve Lukather of Toto just experienced that not long ago and he found an interesting way to get his revenge.

"What happens when the d****head neighbours gardener starts up 10 blowers at 7am!" he captioned his video on Instagram where the Toto guitarist sends an electrifying fury toward his neighbour in his jammies.

Lukather plugged his guitar into an amp and played Hendrix-style solos, screaming, "GOOD MORNING!"

Watch the video below:

He later wrote on Twitter saying that it was his response towards his neighbour and his gardeners who would turn on their 120 dB blowers at 7am in the morning.

He then explained his amp was placed "on top of my kids' Trampoline pointed at said d****ead's open windows."

"It became silent after my response!"