Beatles to release 'Get Back' book as official account of last ever album as a band

News 16/09/2020

To accompany the Beatles' documentary celebrating their 50th year anniversary since their final (rooftop) performance as a band, a companion book was released on Amazon on 1 Sept 2020 called The Beatles: Get Back.

Due to the pandemic, both the documentary and accompanying book have been pushed back to a later date. The book will now be released 31 Aug. 2021 and the documentary on 27 Aug. 2021.

The book's authors are The Beatles themselves and includes images shot by Ethan A. Russell and Paul McCartney's wife Linda McCartney with foreword by Peter Jackson (who directed the documentary). Novelist Hanif Kureishi is writing the introduction. The book weighs in at 4.6 pounds. According to Amazon:

"The most anticipated book in more than a decade by the legendary band, The Beatles: Get Back is the official account of the creation of their final album, Let It Be, told in The Beatles’ own words, illustrated with hundreds of previously unpublished images, including photos by Ethan A. Russell and Linda McCartney. Half a century after the 1970 Let It Be album and film, this milestone book coincides with the global release of Peter Jackson’s documentary feature film, The Beatles: Get Back."

The Beatles: Get Back tells the story of candid conversations and accounts, drawing over 120 hours of sound recordings and music writer John Harris write richly captivating text to give us a fly-on-the-wall experience of almost being like a fly-on-the-wall during the band's final days in the studio.

The book is packed with hundreds of unpublished photographs by Ethan A. Russell and Linda McCarney who both had special access to the bands sessions. High-res film frames fill the pages.