Queen + Adam Lambert release 2020 version of "I Was Born to Love You"

music news 25/09/2020

Queen + Adam Lambert release 2020 version of "I Was Born to Love You"

I had an obsession with the song, and had the idea to make a new version, simulating how it would have sounded if we had been able to play it live with Freddie on stage," says Brian May.

So the Queen version was put together as a ‘virtual’ live track, using Freddie’s spectacular vocal as the central thread. Roger [Taylor], John [Deacon] and I played our parts live, to a rearranged template I’d put together - complete with some additions to the arrangement, taking some liberties with the vocal, and even borrowing some choice Freddie ad-libs, to add to the feeling that it was a live band recording. Little did we know that years later we’d have the opportunity with Adam to finally bring this arrangement to life on a real stage.

The track "I Was Born to Love You" has a very special connection with Japan. It has featured in a 1996 commercial for Kirin Beer which gave Queen their first charting song since 1977 in Japan. Queen + Adam Lambert have played in Japan twice since 2014 and the Summer Sonic set stands out in their minds.

"We all thought it was quite a difficult gig," May continued. "The audience was wonderful, but with the extreme heat and humidity, it was very difficult to play. However, when we saw the video, we all thought that it had great energy and the interaction with the crowd was great."

Adam Lambert thought the Japanese are quite a passionate and emotional bunch of people: "You could feel the connection. And it's different than in other countries. There's something very special there."