This is how a drug bust changed Bon Scott's life

music news 23/09/2020

Back in 1969, Bon Scott and his band The Valentines were busted for possession of marijuana. This is the story, as reported by UCR, of how it changed Bon Scott's life for the better. 

The drug bust became a national scandal for the emerging pop band, and subsequently the members of the band all agreed to stay away from weed. But that deal wasn't upheld by four of the band members, including Scott. 

This began to heighten tensions that were already prominant within the group. Each member was fined $150 AUD and placed under a good behaviour bond, but the band was falling apart. 

Roadie John Darcy recalled:

We were like lost souls, after having something going so strong for a while.

In Scott's words, the band had been "trying things, feeling around for a musical direction", but ultimately came to an end.

In June, Scott wrote to his girlfriend, and outlined his future plan, which was to "record an LP and a single and follow it up with a shit-hot group and make lots of money".

Scott later joined a blues-rock band the Fraternty, but that didn't turn out to be the crash-hot group he was after so returned home.

He then got a chance to tour with AC/DC as a roadie, and in 1974, joined the band.

And the rest is history!