Joe Walsh interviewed Brian Johnson, where they joke about making a supergroup

music news 04/09/2020

Eagles guitarist Joe Walsh and AC/DC frontman Brian Johnson sat down for a chat on a recent episode of Walsh's Old Fashioned Rock 'n' Roll Radio Show.

The two music legends and old friends discussed the current pandemic, and how much they're longing to get back onstage when life goes back to normal.

The duo also joked about starting a band together, along with ex-Led Zeppelin lead singer Robert Plant and The Who's frontman Roger Daltrey.

“I’m not gonna go there, but maybe we should start a band,” Walsh said.

“Aw, Joe, that would be good,” Johnson replied. “Robert Plant, Roger Daltrey – we’d get all the boys. We can sing rock ’n’ roll harmonies.”

We wish they weren't joking - what a foursome that would be!

You can have a listen to the rock legends' seven-minute-conversation above.