The Top 10 Fathers Day songs

Music 01/09/2020

Since its Fathers Day, it's a perfect time to listen to the 'Ultimate Top 10 Rock Songs for Dads'. Triple M has created a list which has all the songs you and your Dad listened to, as well as great rock songs about being a Dad. 

10. Had A Dad - Jane's Addiction

Eric Avery wrote this when he found out his father was not his biological one. 

9. The Beatles - Good Night

John Lennon wrote this when he first became a father. 

8. Paul Simon - Father And Daughter

This one is a popular wedding son but also perfect for a father's day listen.

7. Bruce Springsteen - My Father's House

Bruce had a distant relationship with his father, and it frequently features in his music, this song being one of them. 

6. Ozzy & Kelly Osbourne - Changes

This is a father-daughter classic that Ozzy wrote to perform to his daughter. 

5. Cats In The Cradle - Harry Chapin (cover: Ugly Kid Joe)

This one is about how Harry Chapling's wife criticised him for prioritising his career over his role as a father.

4. U2 - Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own

This song is an emotional listen, knowing its a letter from Bono to his father. 

3. Bridge Over Troubled Waters - Simon & Garfunkel

Some people won't know this, but this great song is related to parenthood.

2. Eric Clapton - My Father's Eyes

Even though Eric Clapton never knew his father, this song is so moving.

1. Alive - Pearl Jam

An epic song, and it is based on a true story of Eddie Vedder's relationship with his father.