Mick Fleetwood surprises viral Tik Tok "Dreams" star Nathan Apodaca

News 13/10/2020

Recently, a video of a guy named Nathan Apodaca skateboarding, sipping some cranberry juice, and lip syncing to Fleetwood Mac's 'Dreams' went viral on Tik Tok.

Since the video has gone viral, Fleetwood Mac responded via twitter, and Mick Fleetwood himself even re-created the iconic video

The video, which has over 46 million views, has helped the 1977 hit song have one of its biggest weeks ever on streaming services, and as a result sales have risen by 184%.

Now, the story gets even better.

In a recent surprise interview by BBC News, Nathan Apodaca met Mick Fleetwood himself.

When Fleetwood's face appears on the video call, Apodaca starts smiling widely at the realisation of who he's talking to.

"Mick, what's up?", Apodaca giggles, to which Fleetwood replies, "one, we owe you."

Fleetwood goes on to say,

Congratulations on a wild, wild skateboard journey that has led to us talking today.

In response, Apodaca says, "I feel blessed and I appreciate you. It's just awesome."

Check out the whole surprise interview below.