LISTEN: AC/DC releases new single, 'Realize'

New 12/11/2020

AC/DC has just released another single from their highly anticipated upcoming album, Power Up.

Listen to the high energy song 'Realize' below.

'Power Up' is due to hit the stores this Friday and so far, the band had only unveiled one other single, 'Shot in the Dark', a month back and teased 'Demon Fire' with a 53-second preview.

The new album consists of songs that were written by Angus and Malcolm Young (who died in 2017), just before the 2008 'Black Ice'.

"A lot of them were ideas we had that we knew, were good AC/DC ideas at the time, but we just never got around to getting them on record," Angus told UCR in an interview. "Malcolm and I had a lot of years when the two of us would just be in a little studio, just working away all the time … and in that period we'd [make] so much stuff."

"... when we went to do Black Ice, it was a case of you've got a few boxes of your ideas … [and] we only got [into] box one."