Joe Walsh had to buy a Maserati because of 'Life's Been Good'

News 07/12/2020

Joe Walsh said he had to buy a Maserati after the success of 'Life's Been Good'.

A famous part of the lyric goes, "My Maseratti does one-eighty-five

I lost my license, now I don't drive".

Walsh recently told Rolling Stone magazine that he never actually had a Maserati. "I finally got one, because everyone was making me feel really guilty. The look of sadness on their face … so I went and got a Maserati. I don't know if it does 185. I chickened out at 140," he said.

In 1980, he memorably ran for president, pledging to make 'Life's Been Good' the new national anthem.

"Wouldn't that be good before a football game?" Walsh reflected. "I would have had a lot more fun than Trump. With Wednesday, I would have just said 'We're gonna cancel Wednesday. We're gonna do Tuesday right to Thursday to get to the weekend closer.'

In the interview, he had also admitted to trashing hotel room, as in the song, but of course, no one would be able to beat the one and only Keith Moon of the Who. "Hanging out with Keith Moon was one of the highlights of my life," Walsh said. "It was absolutely terrifying at the time. Now, it's funny," Walsh said.