This Van Halen recording at a 1975 high school show has surfaced on YouTube

News 04/01/2021

This 45-year old audio from a Van Halen show at Pasadena High School in the 70s has surfaced on YouTube.

25 April, 1975 was the actual date of the show and it features the band covering ZZ Top's 'Chevrolet', Deep Purple's 'Maybe I'm a Leo', Johnny Winter's 'Rock and Roll', Hoochie Koo, the James Gang's 'Walk Away', and Edgar Winter's 'We All Had a Real Good Time.'

The band of course also did a performance of their original compositions 'Live With Fools' which resurfaced five years later as 'Fools' on Van Halen's third album, Woman and Children First.

Van Halen had secured a position as the house band at the famed Gazzari's Club in West Hollywood by 1974, Pasadena where the brothers grew up. It was very much the band's true stamping ground.

"What we basically did is we just kept playing the LA area everywhere. We used to put on our own shows at the Pasadena Civic, our home town, and draw like three thousand people on a four-dollar ticket," said Eddie Van Halen to Steven Rosen in 1978.

This was way before Warner Brothers. So we just developed such a following that a sister of a friend at the record company heard about us and the word got around about the band. Finally, Ted Templeman and [Warner Bros president] Mo Ostin came down to the Starwood in Hollywood, which was really always just kind of a bad place for us because we weren’t a Hollywood band. Pasadena is really where we’re from, and that’s like San Bernardino – that’s like Bumfuck, Iowa