Nik & Heather can't decide which version of 'Cocaine' we should play on the A to Z

A to Z 16/03/2020

The original J.J. Cale or the Eric Clapton version?

Like Heather said, most of us are attuned to the Eric Clapton recording of Cocaine and we definitely play Slowhand's version a lot more on The Sound.

But Nik's right too, J.J. Cale's the original composer who released it in 1976, before Clapton covered it a year later on his 1977 album, Slowhand. Plus, Cale's version hit No. 1 on the NZ charts on 6th March 1977, all the more reason to feature the song on our A to Z!

We need your help to decide which version to include on the Sound A to Z - text 'JJ CALE' or 'ERIC CLAPTON' to 339 now!