Aussie Police's post searching for wanted woman named Khe Sanh goes viral

News 26/01/2021

Is this perhaps the most Australian thing ever?

The Adelaide Police Department has taken to Facebook to ask the public's help in locating a woman who has a warrant for her arrest.

The post instantly went viral. Why? Because her name is Khe Sanh Cox. 

That's right, just like the Cold Chisel song.

And while that's hilariously Aussie in itself, it's the clever comments under the post that have us in stitches.

"I can't really see her ever holding a a job on an oil rig..." wrote one commenter.

"Maybe she's down at Bow River? I'm sure if she's lost she will light some Flame Trees to set out a signal? Maybe she just went on a big bender on some cheap wine? Have the checked the churches maybe she has become a Choir Girl?" said another.

"She must have used a cold chisel to get that ankle bracelet off" wrote a third.

And one comment that received almost the most likes...

"Should arrest her parents for naming her after a Cold Chisel song."