Rock stars left stunned with this 20-year-old guitarist's cover of Led Zep's 'Kashmir'

cover 16/02/2021

20-year-old guitar prodigy Marcin Patrzalek has wowed several rock stars with his cover of Led Zeppelin's iconic 1975 track, Kashmir.

Performing in a multi-story parking garage, which gives the performance an epic sound, the young Polish man delivers one seriously impressive performance - watch it below.

Incredible, right?

His video caught the eyes of many rockers, including KISS' Paul Stanley, Rage Against The Machine's Tom Morello, and Living Colour's Vernon Reid, to name a few.

Marcin says he developed his own way of playing when he was only 10 years old, having no teacher which led him to experiment and create his own ideas and techniques.

It’s so new, and fresh that it differs a lot – everybody plays it differently, as everybody has their own experiments. … When I travel, I hear many different opinions, and the one I am most happy about is when people say they’ve never seen something like this before.

Count us as impressed. Well done young man! It's encouraging to see the new generation still have an appreciation for the good ol' music.