WATCH British family hilariously cover 'Goodbye Yellow Brick Road' to fit the global pandemic

cover 22/03/2021

The Marsh Family is back at it again with another Covid parody - and this time they have covered the iconic Elton John song, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road.

Captioning the video on Youtube the family said:

"A bit hard pushed to get this sorted in time for the UK Mother’s Day (Sunday 14 March), but we managed a go at Elton John and Bernie Taupin’s magnificent Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, from his eponymous 1973 album.

It feels as if we’re on something of a positive path now

... especially as vaccines are starting to make a real difference, and kids are back at school as of this week. But it’s a kind of haunted positivity, which is why this song and its saturated chorus felt right. Can’t believe it’s been a year."