Mick Fleetwood broke down in tears after Peter Green’s Loving Gesture

News 22/03/2021

When creating Fleetwood Mac, Peter Green invited Mick Fleetwood to join, as he was experiencing heartbreak. Only in recent years did Mick find out the truth, just before Peter died in 2020. He told Ultimate Classic Rock,

“ ...I spoke to Peter, spent a couple hours with him. I’ve still got the interview tapes. ...He said to me on the phone ‘Don’t you remember, Mick, you were so heartbroken? You were my friend, and I wanted you to be okay.’ Because my then-girlfriend at the time had left me and I was totally brokenhearted.”

“He didn’t know it, but I actually broke down in tears. Because it was just so indicative of my relationship with Peter. It had nothing to do with music, actually at all. He just basically said, ‘Screw it, this guy is so down in the dumps, I’ve got to pull him out.’ It actually meant so much more.”

Reflecting on Peter Green’s death last year, Mick Fleetwood talked to Louder Sound,

“Peter Green taught me two unassailable lessons when it came to music: less is more and don’t worry about being clever. He played from his heart, which is why so many people, musicians, and appreciators alike, gathered in London to pay tribute to him, all of us together bearing witness to the magic of Peter’s music.

“He revealed himself in his art, which sometimes happens at great cost, as it was with Peter. He showed so much of himself that he had to withdraw. And he did. May he rest easy. He was loved and he will be missed.”