David Crosby admits he let the band down

Music 24/06/2021

David Crosby has publically accepted the fact he was the reason for the fights within his band CSNY.

Stephen Stills, Graham Nash and Neil Young and Crosby have famously had a contentious issue, but this is the first he owns up to his actions. 

I let all three of those guys down, totally, by becoming a junkie,

“That’s where I really did hurt them. Not dissing their girlfriend or pissing them off. I actually did harm. And for that I’ve apologized a million times. And the best apology I could make was to beat it and to come up and be useful again.”

Back in 1982, Crosby was arrested for drug and firearm offences and jailed for five years. CSNY suffered the most when he went to jail, Crosby now owning the fact he 

pretty much destroyed it right then.

Despite going to jail when he was released, he and the band released their album American Dream and even went on to tour as a band.