Van Halen "Hot For Teacher" actress recreates role in new video

Vids 04/06/2021

The actress from Van Halen's iconic 1984 music video for "Hot For Teacher" has reprised her role, but for a completely different video.

Ruth Silveira, who played the mother in video, is playing the mother once again in Joe Hernandez-Kolski and Thing of Twins' video for "This Rap Makes No Sense."

Let us help refresh your memory - here's the 1984 Hot For Teacher video, which starts with Silveira talking to her son saying, "Sweet, sweet Waldo. Now Waldo, I hope you find some friends this year", before the kid hops on a school bus.

And 37 years later (wow we feel old), here she is again playing the same motherly role, but with a slightly different message - saying "Sweet, sweet Waldo. Now Waldo, I know you have a lot of friends you want to see, but you have to stay inside just a little longer" - an obvious reference to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Now, why (or how) did this come to be?

Hernandez-Kolski, a big Van Halen fan, has known Silveria for a long time, but had no idea she played the mother in the video.

"I lost my mind because Van Halen has always been my all-time favorite band," he said. "When I started thinking about making a music video for the song, I immediately knew that I wanted to pay homage to the original video. Ruth was a wonderful professional. She came in and recreated the role in one take."