'Becoming Led Zeppelin' documentary has been completed

music news 03/08/2021

Becoming Led Zeppelin a new documentary directed by Bernard McMahon has been completed but a release date hasn’t yet been announced.

The documentary will include new interviews with members who are still with us such as John Paul Jones, Jimmy Page and Robert Plant. It will also feature archived footage of interviews with the late John Bonham.

The director said in a statement,

“The band’s meteoric rise to stardom was swift and virtually undocumented. Through an intense search across the globe and years of restoration of the visual and audio archive found, this story is finally able to be told.”

This will be the first time Led Zeppelin participates and endorses a movie about their career. Jimmy Page was impressed when he saw director McMahon’s debut movie American Epic.

“When I saw everything Bernard had done both visually and sonically on the remarkable achievement that is American Epic, I knew he would be qualified to tell our story,"