Re-issue of Brain May's debut solo release 'Back To The Light' releases today on vinyl

music news 12/08/2021

As part of Brian May's 'Gold Series', the legendary Queen guitarist has re-issued his debut solo album 'Back to the Light' - out now on vinyl and CD.

Originally released in 1992, the album reflected the hard time May was going through given the personal events going on in his life, such as seperating with his first wife, and the deaths of Freddie Mercury and his Father. 

He noted in the original liner notes that he was in a fragile state at that time, writing:

"You won't find much in here about how fab it is to be a rock star in Queen. But you may find, in contrast, glimpses of someone quite small and insecure. I know him well."

Now in 2021 after the reissue, he's discovered that he still experiences alot of those same feelings.

I still feel those dangers, those fears, those hopes, those dreams.

Speaking to UCR, the legendary guitarist reflected on conversations with Freddie Mercury, which helped him step towards becoming a solo artist.

"“Look, I know we’re in this difficult situation. We don’t know how long I’m going to be here.” he [Mercury] said, “You’re probably feeling embarrassed. You don’t want to put this track out, because it feels distasteful, because you feel like maybe you’re abandoning me or something.”

"He said, “Don’t worry about it. I’m fine. What will happen, will happen. We’re carrying on as normal, creating, and you should be starting on your solo career. Because you’re going to probably need to do that.”

"So he had this incredible vision, incredibly unselfish and unselfconscious attitude.

"There’s the guy looking at the end of his life, and he’s saying, “Look, you’ve got to take care of yourself. Get out there and don’t feel embarrassed about me. Just get on with it.”

"He kind of gave me his blessing, my ticket to get out there and be a solo artist."

As well as vinyl, the 'Back to the Light' reissue is available on CD, cassette and streaming services; and includes the original tracklist as well as studio tracks and live performances from that period. 

Check out how to buy it, or listen to it online here