Ringo Starr remembers when he hung out with Charlie Watts and John Bonham

music news 24/09/2021

Ringo Starr recently spoke about an encounter he had with Charlie Watts at one of his house parties back in the '70s. John Bonham from Led Zeppelin also had an appearance. 

"I had a drum kit up in the attic - it was like a cinema attic, music, whatever you want to do up there,"

"Charlie came, and so did John Bonham. We’ve got three drummers, just hanging out. Bonham got on the kit. But because it was just like … you know, it’s not like onstage, where you nail them down, so they’re steady. It was just like there. So as he was playing, the bass drum was hopping away from him."

Watts and Starr held down the bass drum down for Bonham as he played.

"You think, 'Ah, man! That would have been a great little video, a TikTok or a photo [that] would have gone worldwide!'" 

"But in the ‘70s, I had parties, and you’ll never find any photos because I wouldn’t let you take photos, you know, in my house. But I always think, That would have been a great shot to have."