On This Day: Blondie releases top-selling single of 1980 'Call Me'

music news 01/02/2022

Heading into 1980, Blondie were on a high after their 79' Album Eat to the Beat had gone platinum, been number one in the UK charts and had spent a full year in the Billboard charts.

And that high continued into 1980 with the release of what would go on to become the top-selling single of the year in the United States, 'Call Me'.

 Debbie Harry, lead singer of the band, had been approached by Giorgio Moroder to compose lyrics and a melody for an instruemtal he'd composed 

The song, which would go on to become 'Call Me', was originally called 'Man-Machine' with Moroder first approaching Stevie Nicks to sing it however she had other obligations at the time.

“As soon as I heard Deborah singing a rough version of ‘Call Me,’ I knew we had a hit,” Moroder later commented.

The song went on to become Blondie's highest-charting single of their career, earning them a Grammy nomination and spending six consecutive weeks at number one in the Billboard Charts.

Writing in her memoir 'Face It', Harry spoke about the excitement the band felt as 'Call Me' grew in success.

When ‘Call Me’ hit No. 1 in April 1980, we were on the road,” the singer wrote.

“I was doing a lot of promo, going out to radio stations, and we did a lot of appearances and performances of that song, which was really exciting and fabulous. They were giving out a lot of gold 45s and LPs at that time, and I remember speaking with Giorgio [Moroder] who was very enthusiastic and jumping for joy. He had so many hits by then, but this one was important for him, being in the film industry as well.”