Simple Minds release recorded version of rare track 'Act Of Love' for the first time


Simple Minds have recorded a new version of one of their earliest tracks, 'Act Of Love'.

Celebrating the 44th anniversary of the Scottish band's first gig at Glasgow's Satellite City, Simple Minds have released the one-off song as a gift to their fans.

'Act Of Love' was the first song the band played at that very 1978 gig along with being the opening track on the demo tape that won them their first record deal however by the time it came to recording their debut album, Life In A Day, the song "disappeared into the mist" and was never properly recorded.

That is, until now. 

"Over the years people have asked: When did you think Simple Minds had the potential to make it? My stock answer was always, Oh, we didn’t really think about that." explained Simple Minds frontman, Jim Kerr.

"But I realise now that I wasn’t telling the truth. I believed we had something special as soon as I heard Charlie play the riff on ‘Act Of Love’."

Kerr went on to say just how much of an impact the song had on not only the band, but their fans. "To all intents and purposes, it was the first thing anyone heard of Simple Minds. It became our rallying cry, our banner."

Now, the band have re-looked at the song, merging the original demo and essence with where they are now, 44 years later.

"When we listened to the original demo, we loved its spirit and its general form, but it sounded like a youth club band song. How could we do that now, adding extra pieces without losing the essence?"

Listen to the full song below: