WATCH: lost footage from Led Zeppelin's 1972 Western Springs concert

Vids 25/02/2022

50 years ago, Led Zeppelin graced New Zealand with one of the greatest live shows the country had ever seen.

As well as being one of the greatest live shows, it was also the loudest New Zealand had ever heard with reports the next day saying the sound could be heard 5 miles away from the stadium. 

"I remember thinking that the tower of black boxes either side of the stage must have been the packing crates for their gear" texted in a listener of The Sound while reminiscing the concert.

"That was until Robert Plant said 'Good Evening' at a volume that left no doubt as to what they were".

Now, 50 years on, we're able to re-live the concert thanks to a then 20-year-old photographer and Led Zeppelin fan, Lloyd Godman.

Godman captured film footage across the night and until just a few years ago, that footage sat forgotten about in his shed.

"I knew there was band stuff on it but I didn't know what, and it came back and it was the Zeppelin film" says Godman.

Teaming up with an an American Led Zeppelin archivist, the footage was synced up with sound recordings from the same night and edited into the video below for us to enjoy for years to come.