Cannabis company Dad Grass has announced a special line of products called All Things Must Grass.

music news 14/04/2022

In honor of George Harrison’s classic 1970 album, All Things Must Pass, cannabis company Dad Grass has announced a special line of products called All Things Must Grass.

The collection includes pre-rolled joints, paraphernalia such as rolling papers and a rolling tray and further collectibles like posters, buttons, pins, matches and stickers. There’s even a special Dad Stash edition that disguises the pack of joints to look like an All Things Must Pass double cassette box. All Things Must Grass is a collaboration with Harrison’s estate, marking the first cannabis partnership for any of the Beatles.

In a press release, Dad Grass noted that the joints are crafted from a mix of organic CBD and CBG hemp: “This peaceful balance of the two most enlightening cannabinoids, CBD for physical harmony and CBG for mental clarity, serves as an ode to George’s mystic blend of cultures, styles and times.”

“We tend to shy away from the high test blow-your-mind weed that kids are into today,” said Ben Starmer, cofounder and CEO of Dad Grass. “For this project, we set out to create a mellower kind of joint, something that blended together the type of high quality, low potency and all-natural flower that was around when George was ‘having a laugh’ back in the early '70s. Just a classic smoke for a classic bloke.”

The Beatles were famously advocates of marijuana, using the drug regularly in the ‘60s and beyond. Exactly how they were first exposed to cannabis has been debated – some have said it happened during their early days in Hamburg; others subscribe to the tale that Bob Dylan gave them their first joint. Regardless, the Fab Four credited cannabis for helping to open their minds, with Harrison once declaring that marijuana “focuses your attention better on the music, and so, you can hear it clearer. You can see things, or ya know, you could see things much different.”