Remembering Queen's iconic Live Aid performance 37 years on

music news 14/07/2022

Today marks 37 years since Queen rocked the world with their performance at Wembley Stadium for LiveAid in 1985.

72,000 witnessed the six-song set in person and almost 2 billion people across 150 countries tuned in to the live performance on TV. 

In 2005, it was voted the greatest live performance in the history of rock. 

Following the performance, the band saw a sizeable uptick in record sales, and Roger Taylor called it a “shot in the arm”. Freddie Mercury shared similar sentiments a year later during an interview with Music Life, a Japanese magazine. 

“From our perspective, the fact that Live Aid happened when it did was really lucky,” he said.

It came out of nowhere to save us. For sure that was a turning point. Maybe you could say that in the history of Queen, it was a really special moment.

Perhaps the most special moment of the performance came about seven minutes in,  when Mercury rallied the crowd to sing “Aaaaaay-o” along with him - it would go on to become known as ‘The Note Heard Round The World’.

Freddie had 72,000+ people in the palm of his hands and well and truly rocked the world.