Winners of The Sound's Big OE reveal the best act: Eagles, Rolling Stones, or Elton John

Must See 21/07/2022

Wayne & Claire McLennan, the winners of our Big OE 2022 competition, popped into the studio to say hi, drop off some pressies, and let us know their favourite act.

Nik talked to them about the experience in England and which of the three shows they saw at Hyde Park- Elton John, The Rolling Stones, and The Eagles - was the best. 

Here's what Claire said :

They were all different, but for me it was The Eagles. They were fantastic.

“I’ve seen them before but this was the best. They were brilliant.”

She said they were all fantastic to watch, especially from where they were standing. 

“We were right up against the barrier so we had a fantastic view.”

Wayne also thought The Eagles were the best and noted the (surprising) differences in the crowd reaction for each act. 

“Different crowds - Elton appealed to the younger set. There were a lot of young Americans at his concert and screaming. Young girls on either side of us - high-pitched screaming”

He also said Joe Walsh of the Eagles was a highlight.  

“Joe made everyone laugh. Joe’s just classic … He got up there and said ‘I’ll tell you what, it was great being 20 in the ‘70s but it’s a bugger being 70 in the ‘20s’ and that warmed up the crowd a bit.”

Well, it sounds like Claire and Wayne had a ball of a time at Hyde Park. So much so that they were too knackered to walk home after the shows, so just did some people-watching instead. 

The winning couple even brought in some gifts to The Sound - four vinyl records; The Rolling Stones’ ‘Black and Blue’; A very rare edition of Free’s ‘Fire and Water’; The Rolling Stones’ ‘Through the Past Darkly’; and a Ry Cooder record. 

Thanks heaps for the gifts Wayne and Claire, we’re so glad you enjoyed the Big OE experience!