U2 to play in new $2.3 billion Las Vegas venue 'The Sphere'

U2 to play in new $2.3 billion Las Vegas venue 'The Sphere'

U2 are set to be the first band to play in the eye-water $2.3 billion 'Sphere' in Las Vegas.

While the bright lights of Vegas already leave visitors in awe of the city, the latest addition to the skyline has taken things to the next level.

The MSG Sphere is the biggest spherical structure in the world, able to host up to 20,000 attendees. The cost of such a venue? an eye-watering $2.3 billion but not surprising when you see its LED screens, also the largest in the world, in action.

U2 is set to be the first band to perform at the Sphere, starting their 4-month residency on September 29.

"Most music venues are sports venues,' says Bono in an interview with Apple Music. "They’re built for sports – they're not built for music. They're not built for art."

"There's nothing like it," the Edge added. "It's light years ahead of everything that's out there."

Director Darren Aronofsky will also debut his film 'Postcard From Earth' in the Sphere, a venue that he says is 'light years ahead of everything else out there'.

Aronofsky shared the first glimpse from inside the Sphere, showing the gigantic screen in action.

"first look of the 18k, 60fps largest screen on the planet." he wrote on Instagram. " we are just finishing up the mix and it’s next level with 160000 speakers. "

"my iPhone can’t come close to capturing the definition on the screen. at times you forget where you are and you’re transported to the other side of our home."