Christchurch School stuns with 100-student-strong cover of Led Zeppelin's 'Stairway To Heaven'

Christchurch School stuns with 100-student-strong cover of Led Zeppelin's 'Stairway To Heaven'

"Epic production of this mega classic."

Students of Saint Andrew’s College in Christchurch have been applauded online for their absolutely incredible rendition of Led Zeppelin’s classic song ‘Stairway To Heaven’. 

The performance was posted to the school’s Facebook and has gained over 200k views and 6.5k likes. It involved over 100 student singers and musicians. From the vocal performances to the epic guitar solo and everything in between, they smashed it.

“At St Andrew's College, the annual Prizegiving is a much-anticipated event,” the description reads, “and the 2023 edition proved to be no exception when it came to delivering extraordinary entertainment.”

Commenters are going crazy about the performance, with some even saying it had them tearing up. 

"That was absolutely brilliant," wrote one person. "Hope Robert Plant, John Paul Jones And Jimmy Page get to see this!"

"Outstanding," said another. "Brought tears to our eyes. Epic production of this mega classic. Everyone involved should be so proud."

"It totally blew me away," a third added. "What vision to even attempt this. Thank you for your work to showcase the talents of so many young people. A prizegiving performance like no other."

"Absolutely awesome performance!" one more said. "What talent!!!!"

After all this deserved recognition, the school commented on the post, thanking those who had watched and shared it. 

“Wow,” the comment reads. “We are truly overwhelmed and profoundly grateful for the incredible response that our video has garnered thus far.”

“It is an honour that you recognise the dedication and countless hours invested in creating this masterpiece.”

A massive congratulations to every single person involved in this. What a way to not only close out the school year but also put New Zealand on the map.